May 21, 2011

Kenya and Ethiopia in border security pledge

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Ethiopia and Kenya have pledged to improve security along their common border.

The two governments issued separate communications Friday regarding recent skirmishes in their border regions that have seen several lives lost.

In Kenya, President Mwai Kibaki said his government was concerned about the loss of at least 20 lives during a conflict on the border involving the Turkana community and the Merille militia of Ethiopia.

“My government responded promptly to this security challenge by deploying additional security personnel in the affected border area. Following this deployment, peace and security has since been restored,” said President Kibaki during the passing out parade of army recruits at the Recruits Training School in Eldoret in western Kenya.

In Ethiopia, security officials reported taking new measures to avert conflicts among the border communities.

Ethiopian Government expressed its readiness to cooperate with Kenya if need arose for joint security operations.

Ethiopian Foreign ministry spokesperson Dina Mufti told the Africa Review in Addis Ababa that the country regretted the unfortunate incident, which claimed lives and caused displacement of several people last week.

The spokesperson pointed out that the exemplary relation between the two nations could not be undermined by the incident.

The cross-border conflicts mostly revolve around resource scarcity.


Agents seize 88 pounds of sheep meat at Dulles

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Customs agents at Washington Dulles International Airport seized nearly 90 pounds of cooked sheep meat from a passenger who had flown in from Ethiopia.

The passenger was on his way to Seattle on Thursday when federal agents pulled him aside after he declared that he was carrying food products in his baggage. The agents opened six luggage bags and found 88 pounds of the sheep meat.

The passenger was allowed to continue to Seattle, and agricultural specialists incinerated the meat.

The United States bans animal products from countries that are known to have foreign animal diseases, such and hoof and mouth disease and swine fever.

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