May 24, 2011

Imminence of Popular Uprising in Ethiopia

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Different sources tell us that the Ethiopian towns will soon be inundated by adamant Ethiopians who take to the streets in unison – irrespective of religion, ethnic origin, and political ideology – to firmly stand against this decaying regime. I have been happy to see the US, France, UK, and others striking Gaddafi’s power to express their practical solidarity with the pro-democracy forces of Libya. This is a lesson that should be drawn by Meles and other African dictators who still want to cling to power against the will of their people. I want to tell all Ethiopians at home and abroad to stop rhetoric and focus on devising viable strategies that could help the Ethiopian youth to stand against Meles’s Apartheid-like rule. Let’s also start thinking beyond the revolution. Doubtless, this regime will be buried soon. The next steps should critically be thought of – including establishment of a provisional government and establishment of a constitutional reform committee.

These days, the people from all walks of life are speaking about the imminence of the revolution to topple this totalitarian and barbairc regime and to enjoy universal human rights. I have been to a burial ceremony in Addis last week. There, women were talking about revolution. Some of them said “it is better to die fighting dictatorship than to die of starvation”. Everybody is waiting Ginbot 20 (May 28, 2011) called by the Ethiopian youth groups to engulf the Ethiopian towns – from Arba Minch to Shire, from Gode to Metema, and from Afar to Assosa.

Meanwhile, Meles is trying to deflect the public attention to Eritrea in vain. He is talking about “military action” against Eritrea as a pretext for a military buildup in Tigray. I want to warn that the military buildup in Tigray will be used to attack other Ethiopians who will stand against his regime during the popular uprising using Tigray as a launching pad. You true Ethiopians in the military – be cautious against each and every steps of the TPLF’s shrewd move. The other reason for the rhetoric against Eritrea might be to kill any protester by snipers from rooftops of towns and justify the massacre by telling the international community that they are killing “terrorists who have links with Shabia”, not the pro-democracy protesters. Thanks to the international media, this did not work in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Neither does it work in Ethiopia. Hailemairaim Desalegn and other “hodamotch” are serving Meles without the knowledge of the Ethiopian political dynamism in general and the inherent nature of TPLF in particular. They do not even know what is happening in their own office. A Handful of TPLF thugs are even devising strategies to disintegrate Ethiopia every day from their office.

I remind the international community especially US, EU, and others to warn Meles of any brutal massacre that may take place in the streets of Addis Ababa and other major towns. They should be aware that the Ethiopian revolution is imminent and nothing will stop it from happening soon. We are no more afraid of Meles’ federal police, Agazzi, and other security apparatuses. The Ethiopian people have been inspired by the North African and Arab popular uprisings who have taken to the streets against some of the most brutal governments in the world – including in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. They have been successful in Tunisia and Egypt and they shaking the tyrants in Libya, Yemen, and Syria. Meles is saying there are no favorable conditions for revolution in Ethiopia. This is what every wise person could expect from the insane dictator who has already been disconnected from the reality that has prevailed in Ethiopia. Just in few days, Meles will forward concessions to reverse the popular uprising. We should be ready to turn a deaf ear to his call – no more appeasement.

Ethiopia Shall Win!!!


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