July 17, 2011

Chinese mining giant start gold production

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The Chinese mining giant, Sino Tech, has started prospecting for gold in the Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, western part of Ethiopia.

Mr. Zhang Wei, Sino Tech Ethiopia’s country office head, told The Reporter that the company acquired 756.91 of exploration area in the Benishangul region in March last year. “We commenced work on the project immediately,” Mr. Wei said. The company has collcted various geological data from the concession.

According to Mr. Wei, the company has already conducted seismic, gravity and magnetic survey in the exploration area. “Currently we are interpreting the data we collected from the exploration area, which looks promising.”

Gold is traditionally mined in the Benishnagul region. Recently, an Egyptian company made a primary gold discovery in the region.

Sino Tech International is a Hong Kong-based Chinese investment group established in 1980. It has a dozen of companies engaged in minerals and petroleum resources development, energy generation, and manufacturing. It is the parent company of Zougyan Petroleum Exploration Bureau (ZPEB), which conducted the well completion work on the eight Calub gas production wells in 1995. Hired by Petronas, the Malaysian oil and gas giant, ZPEB conducted petroleum exploration work in the Gambella and Ogaden basins. ZPEB was also subcontracted by South West Energy to do petroleum exploration work in Ogaden.

In another news, an Ethiopian and Chinese joint venture company, Makeda, last month conducted gold test production in its gold mine located in north Tigray. Makeda, jointly owned by Ezana Mining and Donia Beijing Resources, a Chinese mining company, produced 6.36 kg of gold in the test production . a Company executives told The Reporter that they processed 5,000 tons of rocks to obtain the 6.36 kg of gold. The company plans to start gold production in Terer locality. “The company’s board of directors will decide this month whether to engage in large scale gold mining or not,” the executives said.

In a related development, Etno Mining, a company established by Ethiopian and Norwegian geologists and investors, is set to start placer gold production in the on the Akobo river bank in the Gambella Regional State. Company executives told The Reporter that Etno recently started test production adding that it is producing 60 to 70gm of gold each day. The executives said they would start supplying the gold to the National Bank of Ethiopia. This project was first initiated by Dr. Befekadu Balcha, former vice minister of the then Ministry of Mines and Energy, and his work colleagues and friends.



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