July 18, 2011

Saudis want 25000 Ethiopian Slaves

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MANILA, Philippines — Recruits from Ethiopia are being considered to fill the gap that will be left by Filipino and Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

According to Yahya Hassan Al-Maqbool, head of the recruitment committee at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ethiopian recruitment offices should be able to provide the manpower following the kingdom’s decision to ban domestic workers from the Philippines and Indonesia.

“This will expedite the recruitment of Ethiopian housemaids and reduce the procedure’s duration which is three months at present,” Al-Maqbool said in a statement.

Saudi newspapers earlier quoted a spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor saying Saudi employment agencies would recruit domestic workers including maids from countries other than the Philippines and Indonesia.

According to the reports, the decision is a result of a breakdown in negotiations between Manila and Riyadh regarding labor issues.

Among others, Manila had wanted a minimum monthly wage of $400 for Filipino domestics, a location map from prospective Saudi employers of their residence and the opening of a bank account by the employer for the hired maids to ensure that their salary would be paid.

With this suggestion of Al-Maqbool to tap Ethiopian manpower, labor experts say the Philippine government can abandon any hope of sending domestic helpers to Saudi.

Al-Maqbool said that at present, Ethiopian recruitment officers were only allowed to deal with two Saudi offices. “The Ethiopian offices should be allowed to deal with many offices in the Kingdom,” he said.

Each Saudi recruitment office was processing 60 visas from Ethiopia every month, he said. “We are requesting to increase the number of visas given to each Saudi office to 500 monthly,” Al-Maqbool said.

He also called for more weekly flights between Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia to “expedite the recruitment of housemaids from Ethiopia.”

Al-Maqbool described the manpower recruited from Ethiopia so far as good, but said the final judgment would take time to make.

He expressed his belief that the recruitment of 25,000 housemaids from Ethiopia during the coming few months was not difficult or impossible if there was cooperation from the Ethiopian side.

“The Ethiopian manpower has proved that they are a successful substitute for manpower from Southeast Asia, who were causing a lot of problems,” he said.

There are 170 offices in Ethiopia and 150 offices in Kenya that are licensed to export manpower to Saudi Arabia.

According to press reports, the kingdom will open training institutes in the two African countries for the possible recruits.

The demand for housemaids in the kingdom is said to have gone with Ramadan only two weeks away.

Many Saudi families are now even seeking the help of illegal housemaids who demand a monthly payment of 2,000 Saudi rials.


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    This is a message for mankind all over the world who have a conscience & mercy by work not by words . For all people who love liberity, brotherhood & equality . For every writer and journalist to share in the biggest battle in the recent history for liberation of slaves – your brothers in humanity – who suffer from horrible crimes in kSA.

    The inviter :- More than 8 million people from more than 50 countries who suffer the worst injustice in the recent history . The speaker is an Egyptian doctor, his wife – who is also a doctor – & his 2 very young kids. This family suffers the worst crime one can imagine inside KSA. They have been prevented from going back to their country & also from work for more than three years up till now. The local authorities had cut the electricity from their home for about 1 year in an evil trial to kill them only because they want their money from the government who refuses to give them!! They had sent many complaints to the King, Princes & the cabinet with no response.
    The receiver :- Secretary General of U.N., Security Council, U.N.O., All presidents, All human rights organizations & All others concerned by this invitation.
    The Message :- Why all of you are silent about the horrible crimes occurring against the foreign workers & employers inside KSA!!
    1 – Is the Saudi Government is stronger than all world countries together to behave this bad attitude?! No, this government is so weak that they can’t defend themselves from a few hundred Yemeni people who invade the country very easily & reach Jeddah – the second big city – within hours!!
    2 – Are you don’t know these horrible crimes?! No, these crimes are recorded in the letters of all human rights organizations!!
    3 – Are you don’t have the power to force these criminal people to full with all international agreements?! No, you already have many political, economic & military powers to force these mentally retarded desert people to use their minds!!
    4 – Are Saudi labour rules having any similararity in any other country all over the world?! No, because these stupid, retarded & discriminative rules have no any other similarity!!
    5 – Is the bribery & gifts given to presidents, diplomatic & media persons are the cause of this silence?! These people should be prevented from receiving this dirty money!!
    6 – Are the billions of dollars in western banks & huge investments are the cause of this silence?! I ask these countries to follow human rights & the rules these countries are build on in their constitution!!
    7 – Are the huge Saudi donations to sport clubs & zoo in western countries had mad the ugly Saudi faces pretty & beautiful?! This is not sense at all because the care of football & bears doesn’t forgive the horrible crimes against more than 8 million innocent people!!
    8 – Are the huge money spent by Saudi tourists in prostitution, drinking alcohol & gambling tables in many countries are the cause of this silence?! No, because this dirty money – from ethical points of view – never build a good country!!
    9 – Is the silence of these foreign workers about injustice & discrimination are the reason for continuation of Saudi crimes against them?! I ask all these workers to use all peaceful ways like demonstrations & strikes to oblige Saudi authorities to change these stupid rules!!

    Finally, I ask all presidents & kings all over the world to unite together to force this stupid Saudi government – who is retarded more than 1000 years from the rest of the world – to change this discrimination against foreign workers immediately for liberation of these slaves because they are your brothers in humanity .

    DR / Usama Anwar
    Iman General Hospital
    Riyadh, K.S.A
    Mobile 00966595150867

    Comment by DR / Usama Anwar — July 23, 2011 @ 11:32 am | Reply

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