July 21, 2011

Tinsae Ethiopia launches diplomatic campaign

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To counter the ongoing attempt by the Woyanne fascist junta in Ethiopia to label Ethiopian opposition groups, human rights activists and journalists as terrorists, and also to highlight the worsening economic and political crises in the country, Tinsae Ethiopia has launched a new diplomatic campaign.

As part of the campaign, Tinsae Ethiopia is sending out letters to foreign affairs officials of various countries who have strong diplomatic presence in Ethiopia.

In a message to the U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia Donald E. Booth, Tinsae Ethiopia has thanked the U.S. Government for taking the lead in trying to save millions of Ethiopians from the looming famine, while expressing its disappointment over the U.S. support to Meles Zenawi’s brutal dictatorship that is partially, and in some cases directly, responsible for the current food shortage.

Tinsae Ethiopia has urged the U.S. to work with pro-democracy Ethiopians to help bring about a positive change in the country.

Tinsae Ethiopia will communicate with officials of the U.K., Germany, French, and other countries in the coming few days.

The civil resistance campaign Tinsae Ethiopia has launched will also be intensified.

Political Affairs Office
Tinsae Ethiopia
Addis Ababa

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