October 19, 2011

Ethiopia’s Medrek Moves from Coalition to a Front

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October 19, 2011 – Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum, commonly known as Medrek, announced on Thursday that it has successfully completed its transformation from a coalition to a front, according to the Reporter.

At a press conference held on Thursday, leaders of Medrek told journalists that the executive committee has decided to transform the organization from its present “Coalition” to the higher level “Front”. The member organizations have also agreed to present the decision to the general assembly for approval.

According to the executive committee, leaders of Medrek, the member organizations have agreed on minimum political program. They have also agreed to establish support committee of the Front at home and abroad.

Merara Gudina (Ph.D.) said that the decision made by the six political parties to transform to a front will strengthen the organizational capacity of Medrek to pursue peaceful and democratic struggle.

According to the press statement of Medrek, the six present member organizations of the party and other opposition political organizations that may join Medrek in the process will act with commitment as one. This movement will continue until the political, economic and social vision of Medrek is placed, the sovereign power of the Ethiopian people ensured, a democratic system prevails and the people embark on the road to development. This will enable the Ethiopian people to extricate themselves from poverty and backwardness, the statement says.


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