November 28, 2011

Can the TPLF regime in Ethiopia survive 2012 ?

The “World in 2012”, a publication by the Economist Group, predicts the revolution that swept North Africa and the Middle East will spread to Sub-Saharan Africa in 2012. The paper says, the successful popular uprisings that started in Tunisia and spread to the Middle East were closely watched farther south on the continent and have already spawned some local protest movements in some African countries, south of the Sahara Desert. The paper predicts authoritarian rulers in Africa can expect a year of growing opposition and attempts to dethrone them.

The protest bug has already spread in much of the continent and in 2012, many countries could see popular revolutions, it says. In many of the authoritarian countries, there is no shortage of things to protest about. Jobs are rare and food prices are rising, which are also seen in Ethiopia.

Although the magazine did not name Ethiopia or Meles Zenawi in its predictions, many of the harsh conditions that led to the Arab Spring is in plenty supply in Ethiopia. The Economist also neglected to include Ethiopia’s autocratic leader Meles Zenawi as one of Africa’s longest serving dictators. Meles Zenawi who has been in power since 1991 (not 1995 as many western media incorrectly mention) is not only one of the longest serving dictators, but also tops the list of World’s nastiest dictators, according to Parade Magazine.


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