December 17, 2011

ETHIOPIA: Three journalists with Muslim newsletter abducted in Addis

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ADDIS ABABA – Security men in civilian clothes on December 16 abudcted three journalists who have been running the Ye Moslimoch Gudai,a monthly publication covering the affairs of the Muslim society in Ethiopia.
So far Ahmedin Jebel was abducted while he was out to buy medicine for his baby. He left home shortly after 10 am local time and never returned back home. Worried by his disappearance, his wife contacted his colleagues in the Muslimoch Gudai NL,reported of his disappearance and asked if they knew of his whereabouts.

An eyewitness reported later that immediately after he left his home, he was accompanied by two men in civilian clothes. According to the same witness, the journalist was flanked by both securitymen, who escorted him to a car that was parked nearby. One guy opened the door for Ahmed, and then they drove away.
The witness said that he did not suspect anything unusual and never tried to recognize the identity of the two, nor write down the plate number of the car. Ahmedin is a columnist in the monthly Muslimoch Gudai NL and author of several books. He is well known for his latest publication on the History of Ethiopian Muslims – The Ethiopia Muslims History of Oppression and Struggle from 615-1700.
The other two journalists, Isaac Eshetu and Akmel Negash, were abducted in the afternoon on the same day December 16. Again two individuals in civilian clothes came to their office and asked the two if they can come outside to discuss some business. A few minutes later, Isaac returned to the office and was accompanied by an armed police officer and one in plain clothes. He asked them if he can call his family but they denied his request. They told him to pick up his laptop and they left.
By the time this news alert was out, police were searching the houses of Akmel and Isaac. By the end of the day, it has become clear that once again the EPRDF regime was in full swing terrorizing the Muslim community and determined to eliminate all voices that stand on its way.
It is a time for Ethiopian Muslims around the world to ask themselves and critically evaluate their stand and responsibilities. There is however no that much choice to choose from –either they stand for justice with resolute and firm determination as Allah stated in several places in the Quran or prove themselves to be accomplices of those who perpetrate crimes against humanity.


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