January 4, 2012

Ethiopian domestic workers in Middle East die as modern-day slaves

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Ethiopian domestic workers openly cry for living the life of slaves without anyone coming to defend their rights whenever they are reduced to sub-human levels and eventually killed in the hands of their hosts. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has been busy working for the humiliation of Ethiopians since he came to power in 1991 and punished the country by turning it into a landlocked nation. Ethiopian refugees are being hunted down by Meles security forces and those non-political are abandoned as state-less citizens like our sisters who are dying helplessly in the Middle East. Despite “enemy rule,” Ethiopians remain far from being united and fight off those who are punishing them mercilessly.



  1. The only way to fight for Ethiopian sisters’ life and freedom is by helping to building gibe 3, millennium dam and others. Building those dams and other will create work; our sister will stay in Ethiopia unless they find better opportunities of work not to work like slaves in Middle East. Fight with those who divide our people when they fight with poverty, the only way out of these and other bad stories in the future is by building the county economy. We have to support and stand together every move towards economy. God bless Ethiopia and peace on earth.

    Comment by solomon — January 23, 2012 @ 10:30 am | Reply

  2. If we start looking clearly, number one enemy of our people is poverty. There are many Ethiopians around the world who can invest their knowledge and their money before they pass their life. Ethiopia needs every drop of knowledge and investment to fight poverty.
    There is no short cut to overcome poverty. Let as invest our time with building our economy and support to make quality education to the people. Let as try to find a way to love each other. Let as make many friendly countries and friendly people to our country, in the fight of poverty. Democracy cannot happen with poverty and with people less change of quality education. If our economy growing and people getting proper educated, all other problems will go with educated Ethiopians. Let as fight poverty from each house, from each school from each village.
    Please let as comfort, to those who can contribute something good in the economy and education of the country. Please whenever we speak and write, late as remember to those who are suffering in different Middle East countries and to those who are sleeping with empty stomach.
    Let us remember poverty is also an acid dopes of on human pride. There is not pride without bread, Ethiopian brothers and sisters let as stand together in front of number one enemy, and remove it from the head and the nick of Ethiopia people. Let as not to be distracted for anything. Someone wrote in the web “if Egypt and Ethiopia goes to war, Egypt solders, only have to have sandwich on their hand to win the war” stand up together!! “Let God bless our war against poverty” do not say to me other things, if you cannot imagine how it is difficult to sleep somebodies kitchen with slap on face in foreign countries, for this every Ethiopian is responsible. Let Gods help be with Ethiopia, in the building her dams ect.

    Comment by Solomon Getachew — June 22, 2012 @ 6:38 am | Reply

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