January 23, 2012

ARDUF: 16 Ethiopian soldiers killed, a dozen wounded and an unspecified number taken captive.

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SEATTLE (Ethiomedia) – Ethiopian rebels on Sunday said they were responsible for the January 17 attack near the famed Arta-Ale Volcano but blamed Ethiopian forces for the deaths of five European nationals.

The Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF), a rebel group fighting for greater autonomy for their region, said a battle broke out when their patrolling unit came under attack by Ethiopian forces.

ARDUF said 16 Ethiopian soldiers were killed, about a dozen others wounded and an unspecified number taken captive.

Afars are ferociously proud of their hospitable culture, and sent out messages of condolence to the families who lost their loved ones.

“We regret the death of those innocent civilians. ARDUF would like to convey its sincere condolence and sympathy to the families and relatives of dead peaceful tourists,” the Front said.

ARDUF also said the German nationals as well as Ethiopian soldiers, whom it said were in safe hands, would be released once peaceful mediation was conducted by Afar elders.

Tourists wounded
Tourists from the group who were attacked in Ethiopia’s northern Afar region arrive in Addis Ababa on January 18. (AFP Photo/Jenny Vaughan)

Though Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of the attacks, ARDUF categorically denied of Eritrean government involvement.

“The fighting occurred between ARDUF and TPLF led Ethiopian forces. Both European Nationals and Ethiopian soldiers were killed in battle with ARDUF. Therefore Ethiopian accusation of Eritrea of arming and training Afar Rebel (ARDUF) is baseless and unfounded,” it said.

ARDUF said the European nationals were killed by Ethiopian forces who were accompanying them.

Showing a footage of European nationals on state-owned Ethiopian TV while saying nothing about the soldiers killed and captured by ARDUF was aimed at criminalizing us first and exonerating the criminals second, ARDUF said.

“We can also confirm that European Nationals were absolutely killed by the Ethiopian forces who were accompanying them. TPLF–State-ETV [state-owned tv] showing only European Nationals on TV, while they kept their dead soldiers and injured secret in order to criminalize us first, illegalize our legitimate political demand second; and to terrorize Afar people in the region further in the name of fighting terrorism ,” the rebels said in their statement.

ARDUF had about seven times captured foreign nationals who had ventured into the Danakil Depression but had released their captives without any harm whatsoever.

The latest deadliest attack has sparked fears that the two neighboring countries may go back to war reminiscent of the 1998-2000 war in which over 70,000 soldiers were killed from both side


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  1. The Ethiopian police are full of murderers and rapists . The 2015 recent upcoming elections are bringing out the police officers true color. Bahir Dar officers also killed a British tourist just days after the death of the young man. The locals say they killed the tourist to discourage neutral foreign election observers from entering Bahir Dar. They claim an Ethiopian regular ordinary citizen is arrested for the murder of the British tourist. Many people in the area say the accused person murdered the tourist then turned himself in as the police claim he did. Many on the ground are saying the police murdered the tourist then blamed it on an innocent person.Tourists and Diaspora Ethiopians need to know how the criminal ring within the Ethiopian police is operating when they travel to Ethiopia. It is reported that the local regular Ethiopians are so scared of the local police and federal police, they don’t get any close to the police officers even in an emergency situations . It is the thrusting diaspora and tourists that always put their guard down when they are around police officers in Ethiopia resulting in many crimes that left not properly investigated.

    Anyone with information similar to this Police brutality while visiting Ethiopia please contact the Committee organized by concerned Ethiopian diasporas & tourists with the address below. The organization of this committee is intended to aggressively investigate several police departments within Ethiopia for systematic civil rights abuses such as harassment of tourists, false arrests, and excessive use of force .

    1. ATTN:Manbere Aklilu
    1900 Esplanade, Marina Bay, Richmond CA 94804, USA or


    2. ATTN: Israel Alemayehu
    1419 Fillmore Avenue , San Francisco , Ca 94115 or

    In the meantime all visitors of Ethiopia are advised to refrain from carrying any other flag besides the EPRDF flag while visiting Ethiopia not to provoke the police to attack the visitors. .

    Comment by Manbere — December 26, 2014 @ 7:35 pm | Reply

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