April 11, 2012

The Aid Republic of Ethiopian By Tedla Asfaw

A country that failed to feed its people can only be called a failed state or the ” Aid Republic”. World bank with its rich members are feeding more than 8 million people if the number is correct until 2015, The Aid Republic “election”, according to their press release of last month. Will the eligible “voters” out of the 8 million people “vote” for the regime or for the World Bank which is feeding them ? Meles Zenawi is boasting of double digit growth for a decade now and its own study claims to take millions of people out of poverty. Does that number include those who are ruled under World Bank too ? Millions of city dwellers are starving due to high inflation of food prices. The teachers strike in Addis Ababa and other regions is a strike for living wage to buy Food. Starving teachers can only produce starving children. If you add all these the 8 million people projected by World bank for food aid is totally absurd.

Mind you this is a regime that got more than 30 billion dollar in the last two decades and stashed more than 11 billion dollar out of country. World Bank is feeding not only Ethiopians but Meles Zenawi’s Mafia to fatten itself. I will not be surprised if some foreigners who are closely working with this regime have also benefited from the looted money. The West is feeding Ethiopia while contracting Meles to fight their war in Somalia. It gives sense for them because it will be expensive otherwise from the cost of war in Afghanistan and Iraq as of now which is more than one trillion dollar and tens of thousands of lives

The Aid Republic of Meles is selling Ethiopian farmland more than 3 million hectare to India, Saudi Arabia and others by placing its killing machine for protection of foreign landlords. The people of Gambella, Afar are revolting and will not allow anyone to exploit their land to enrich themselves and regime cadres. Extrajudicial killing is underway in Gambella to terrorize the people to submit to foreign landlords. Karuturi and Saudi Star major landlords in Ethiopia are now public enemies because the regime is shading our people blood to protect them.

The Aid Republic of Ethiopia is a “Money Republic” for foreign landlords while Ethiopians are stateless in their own country. More than 20,000 Ethiopians right now are ethnically cleansed from Gura Ferda South Ethiopia from their productive farmland and dumped to Addis Ababa to clear the land for foreign/regime connected investors. World Bank has a job to feed these families if they are serious on welfare job they are engaged in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a country of abundant land,water and hard working people like the ethnically cleansed farmers from Gura Ferda. Ethiopians will feed themselves and do not need any food aid from West. All foreign landlords and foreign experts like World Bank are prescribing what is good for their own. Foreign landlords and so called experts of World Bank are part of a problem not solutions for a country like Ethiopia to feed itself.

Ethiopia’s inability to feed itself is a product of corrupt unpatriotic regime that is on power for more than two decades now. China and India became self sufficient in food during this period of time. It is not acceptable to keep Ethiopians on food aid forever. No to Aid Republic of Ethiopia financed by the World Bank, No to foreign landlords who are buying our land to feed their own people !!!!


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