May 6, 2012

Like his Eritrean grand parents Served Musolini, Meles Zenawi serves Indians, Arabs, chinese and Al Amuodi

 NO!!! It is impossible to gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles. To see the impossible, let’s go back to the 20th century Zenawi’s grandparent’s history. His grandpa was an Eritrean landlord who was working along with the invaders. However he killed a local person and fled to Ethiopia which was a free state. But after he settled there, Ethiopia became an occupied territory as Eritrea. During the five year of occupation he was the main quisling who played major role in crushing the struggle of patriots by standing with invaders. By the same token, by acquiring his ancestor’s very trait after a century, the Zenawi come to power and doing the same act of quisling in trading our national interest and betraying our people. For the last twenty one years he made our country land locked though we had a historical evidence to acquire the Assab port, he granted millions of square miles of arable land to North Sudan and so on. But for today I would like to focus on the activity of a Saudi Arabian agro company “Saudi Star”.

Saudi Star is owned by a Saudi Arabian billionaire Mohammed Ali Hussein Alamoudin which is one of the land grabbers in Gambella region. And this firm is responsible to cultivate billions of tons of rice to Saudi Arabia following India’s official blockade of exporting rice to Saudi since 2008. Have you ever noticed that Ethiopia is the poorest nation that fails to feed its people but Zenawi granted our fertile soil to those who indirectly sponsor in transforming Islam from religion to politics on our soil? For example when Ali Abdo was a mayor of Addis Ababa city for some three or four years, more than 200 new mosques were built in Addis Ababa at expense of Saudi’s indirect finance and I know that the Ethiopian fundamentalist Muslims were encouraged by the same country’s men to outnumber us using the PROCREATION STRATEGY. But what did they do on our brothers? They arrested all Ethiopians and persecuted inhumanly and raped our sisters who were gathering in celebrating the 2012 Christmas anniversary at one of Ethiopian home on Saudi soil. Look here, our brothers and sisters didn’t ask them to build Church or anything, they neither worshipped publicly; but they just exercised their Christianity on their own home. However, we have seen how they treated them barbarically. On contrary the same state and people expected their abusive company to export them rice from our soil. What was Zenawi’s response for the persecution of our citizens in Saudi Arabia? As usual NOTHING!!! Who gave to Saudi Star a Belgium size fertile land, keeping our famine stricken people nowhere? The Same Meles Zenawi!!! Before Zenawi came to power Islam was just a religion as is Christian. However, it has been transformed into political ideology in the last 21 years; and the fundamentalists are working day and night to make our country an Islamic state. And four years ago I do remember that some sort of groups asked the prime minister office to join Ethiopia to Arab League. So, who let them deep rooted their fundamentalist ideology on our shoulder? As usual the quisling Zenawi!!! For example, in Bahir Dar city 99.9% of the population are Christians however there are more than 27 mosques and 9 churches. Take a look, why they need more mosques as they are few in number? Who financed them? Why the Zenawi regime kept silent when it was being informed that their activity is more than religion?

Finally on April 30, 2012 we heard that the Gambella free fighters have killed some Pakistani staffs of Saudi Star to force it to leave their land. And they were successful that most workers had left the region immediately. I personally am sorrowful for the collateral damage on human life but I firmly appreciate their patriotic action and I ask every Ethiopian to stand with those patriots who are fighting the quisling Meles Zenawi and his regime.

Our patriots were stabbed at the back by the Zenawi’s grandpa and we are being stabbed by Zenawi. And I think we have been left with one solution: let’s crush him totally!!!


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