May 15, 2012

Civic group says send Meles to Guantanamo, not to Camp David

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President Obama needs to stop supporting African dictators. Obama’s victory raised great excitement, hope and pride for the people of Africa. Unfortunately, his invitation of one of Africa’s worst dictator, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia to Camp David on May 18, 2012 dashed any hopes for Obama’s redemption as a friend of Africa or pro human rights stand in the continent. As a Nobel Peace Prize winner, he was supposed to stand with the oppressed not with the oppressor.

Like previous U.S. presidents he has decided to show a blind eye towards African dictators in the pretext of fighting terrorism. In reality many African dictators are terrorizing their own people; in particular, Dictator Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia has been known to engage in extra-judicial killing, genocide, unlawful imprisonment of journalists like Eskinder Nega and other political activists.

By confiscating all land, Internet, and major industries, Dictator Zenawi literally owns the country. He unilaterally discarded any rule of law, property rights, and press freedom. He has destroyed the economy and Ethiopian nationalism by injecting tribalism in order to divide and control. Meles has the power to pardon, kill, imprison or do anything he wants, to 85 million impoverished Ethiopians with complete impunity.

President Obama has decided to wine and dine with this African dictator, while opposing other dictators in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and other countries in the name of democracy. Besides giving moral support by this action, President Obama is also funneling billions of U.S. taxpayers funds to prop Dictator Meles Zenawi. We, Ethiopians unequivocally condemn this policy of duplicity, wining and dining and fraternizing with such brute African dictator.

We ask conscious American to stand with the people of Ethiopia in their quest for freedom and justice by asking President Obama to disinvite Dictator Meles. Urge President Obama stop listening to Meles’ hired guns such as DLA Pipers, some congressional members, and other Lobbyists who are a party to this conspiracy, genocide and crime taking place in Ethiopia.

Despite the fact that Meles has been compared to Pol Pot, Ivan the terrible and Idi Amin or other brute dictators, President Obama has decided to show a blind eye. Please don’t let him. Let us oppose this duplicity for the sake of millions of Ethiopians suffering under Dictator Meles and for the sake of peace in Africa.

Demand U.S. immediately cease aiding and abetting Dictator Zenawi and demand an end to his dictatorial rule. Help us restore democracy, free press, and release all political prisoners by standing with the people of Ethiopia. Support the establishment of a transitional government to hold a free and fair election to restore democratic rule.

Meles deserves to be in Guantanamo not camp David and please ask President Obama to disinvite this brute African dictator. Call the White House Switchboard at: 202-456-1414 to talk to a live person or 202-456-1111 to leave comments.

Ethiopians for Democracy and Justice (EDJ)
P.O.Box 53573, Houston, TX 77052
Phone: (713) 396-2621


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