May 21, 2012

How Ethiopian dictator Meles rules Ethiopia

Richard Dowden, Director of the Royal African Society and author of Africa: Altered States, Ordinary Miracles, writes on how PM Meles Zenawi and EPRDF use western aid, foreign investment to control Ethiopia.
Meles Zenawi is the cleverest and most engaging president in Africa – at least when he talks to visiting outsiders. When he speaks to his fellow Ethiopians, he is severe and dogmatic. But he entertains western visitors with humour and irony, deploying a diffident, self-deprecating style which cleverly conceals an absolute determination to control his country and its destiny, free of outside interference.
He was one of four African presidents to be invited to the Camp David G8 meeting last weekend. The aid donors love Meles. He is well-informed, highly numerate and focused. And he delivers. Ethiopia will get closer to the Millennium Development Goals than most African countries. The Ethiopian state has existed for centuries and it has a bureaucracy to run it. So the aid flows like a river, nearly $4 billion a year. And Meles is the United States’ policeman in the region with troops in Somalia and Sudan. He also enjoys a simmering enmity with his former ally, now the bad boy of the region, President Isias Afwerke of Eritrea. “It’s Mubarak syndrome,” a worried US diplomat told me. “We only talked to Mubarak about Egypt’s role in the region, never about what was happening inside Egypt. It’s the same with Ethiopia.”
Read the full article at African Arguments.


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  1. any country who gets western aids they do good economicaly but we need not to be confused there is a lots of exampel we can compaire meles, one is the egypt mubarek,mubarek he used to get seven billion dollars western aids annualy and he used that money to build cairo inferstracturs ,he inestolled metro system and at the same time he make himself billioner by taking some of that money for himself but fourty one years letter we saw what happen the peopel of egypt removed him from power becouse he was not doing the peopels job instead of creating work to his peopel and make their life better,he step on their shulder and operess,s the same thing in ethiopia what meles doing building infrestactuers and make million for himself,i just cant believed some of ethipian who lived in america and had a test of democracy and freespeech try to suport these dictetors one party system becouse he builed inferstactur of the city,he let ivestor not to pay tax and at the same time he want to collect tax from the poor mercato [gulet tera]that is why amenesty international waren us not to swap our wright for economic growth,and that,s why abebe gelaw confronted the dictetors infront of the american presiedant and showeted we need freedom,freedom,freedom

    Comment by asemahagne z abebe — May 28, 2012 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

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