June 3, 2012

Assenna reports: Ethiopia attacks Eritrea again and captures a village called Deda,

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On May 25th, in the aftermath of Eritrea’s 21st independence celebration, Ethiopian armed forces launched military attacks inside Eritrea, confirmed assenna sources.

The attack took place in Western Eritrea, in the vicinity of Elala, which is not far from Badme, the flashpoint of the 1998-2000 Eritrea-Ethiopia boarder war.

According to the sources, the Ethiopian army has captured a village called Deda, and it remains under its control. Eritrean armed forces attempt to defend the village didn’t bear fruit. Although extra troops were sent in to the area for a counter-attack, so far, they are hesitating to take action.

In March this year, Ethiopian forces launched similar military assault on positions inside Eritrea; and the incident was officially confirmed by a communiqué from the country’s Ministry of Defence.  On this occasion however, both sides have kept quite as if nothing has happened.

The dictatorial PFDJ regime in Eritrea, which clearly felt the humiliation during the last attack, unsurprisingly, continued the celebratory mood, at least on television; while Ethiopia’s silence will need some explanation.


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  1. well done Ethiopia, The regime in Asmara needs to get punished, Ethiopia’s patience is funny, they should have taken such measures following Eritrea’s expulsion of UNMEA forces, thats when Eritrea began to violet the 25 km Temporary security zone, Ethiopia should have captured the zone it left after the Algiers agreement. The Eritrean government then started to kill tourists, kidnap citizens of Ethiopia, and plan terror attacks against Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia should be able to use its right to self defence and overthrow the regime in Asmara

    Comment by Afarman — June 22, 2012 @ 11:47 am | Reply

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