June 10, 2012

Shiferaw Shigute, criminal against humanity Should not be invited by Saskatchewan University

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Saskatchewan University Should not invite criminal against humanity.

Dear Mm/Sir:
We are thankful for the Government of Canada and Canadian people by inviting Ethiopian Educators. Since the Government of Canada was the first to build University in Ethiopia, then, Haile Sellasie I University and now, Addis Abeba University; Ethiopia and Canada have a very long relationship of Educational Institution History. Having said that, it is unfortunate that the Southern Ethiopia part administrator Ato Shiferaw Shigute is invited with the educators. He is a very cruel and corrupted person who made crime against humanity and ordered displacement of Amara ethnics denying freedom to working in their own country.
Shiferaw Shigute and some of the displaced Amara people.
Please look at the following evidence that he and his regime did Genocide to his own people, especially Amaras. We hope that you will understand us better by seeing these horrifying facts why we object his visitation to Saskatchewan University. His visitation will serve for the purpose of misleading that they are lying to Ethiopians at home, and beg money from the powerful nations.
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“Dear readers, as you can glean from the above news, the systematic discrimination against the Amara people is being stepped up. It was the Belgian colonialists who issued identity cards bearing ethnic names like Hutu & Tutsi and laid the ground for the gruesome genocide we witnessed in Rwanda in 1994. The Nazi party in Germany forced the Jews to wear the star of David in order to easily identify and dehumanize them. Compare what the Tigrean ethno-nationalists, who have targeted the Amara people as a mortal enemy from day one of their existence, have succeeded in doing with impunity. Through the mass media they monopolize, first they demonized the Amara people and reduced them to the status of wild beasts who should be hunted down and dehumanized because of their identity. The demonization of the Amaras is such that even nobody seems to take note of the systematic war of
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extermination of these people. And now the actual process of systematic genocide is taking place against Amaras, albeit, in a different form i.e. by denying them the right to move and work outside the Amara ethnic enclosure TPLF created in 1991. The systematic genocide against Amaras has been going on for the last 21 years and now it is assuming even a more uglier form. This trend bodes ill for the coexistence of Ethiopians as people. Compare the denial & curtailment of rights of movements of the Amara people with the unprecedented economic tentacles the ruling Tigrean elites and their ethnic supporters have been able to spread into all corners and crannies of Ethiopia thereby siphoning off the wealth of the country. After 21 years, members of which ethnic groups have been empowered visibly and disproportionately than the Tigreans & the Adares? Unite not to reform but to dismantle the Tigrean regime – a regime that is quintessentially the negation of anything pan-Ethiopian. The displacement of the Gambella, Afar, Oromo, Amara, etc. people and the transfer of their lands to local investors (mostly Tigrean millionaires) and foreign investors should be resisted. The Ethiopians whom TPLF tried to disunite should band together to reclaim their rights & liberate Ethiopia from the clutches of Tigrean-ethnonationalists who symbolize the ideology and praxis of the Italian fascist rule our gallant ancestors fought against 76 years ago. Unite and organize to make a difference in your
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life and that of your children. Otherwise, you bequeath enslavement to your children !!!!!!
Please spread the word & pass it on to all those Ethiopians who should know about this Nazi-type behavior of TPLF. Those who have access to Twitter and Face book, please it pass it on to others.”
Source:- Getachew Reda Ethiopian Semay
We are thankful to Ato Getatchew Reda.
Peace, Democracy, and Freedom to our world, and Ethiopia.
From: Zienamarqos Merha, Canada.


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