July 14, 2012

Ethiopia: Police kill at least 4 Muslims, crackdown underway

Woyanne Federal police open fire on Muslim worshipers

UPDATE There is no light in several parts of Addis Ababa right now. Anwar area in Merkato is filled with tens of thousands of people.
Federal Police started to retreat after being overwhelmed by defiant crowd.

UPDATE: Woyanne Federal police forcibly entered Awolia Mosque and arrested some individuals. People are in the streets facing live bullets. Shots from heavy caliber guns (may be .50 caliber) are being heard. It seems that the Woyanne Federal Police has a shoot-to-kill policy. They are aiming directly at the unarmed protesters. Ethiopian Review sources report that Muslim leaders are appealing to the worshipers to take shelter. Wounded people are being rushed to hospitals… stay tuned for more update

The tension between the ruling Woyanne junta in Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Muslim community turned violent once again today when Federal police troopers opened fire on unarmed Muslim worshipers in Addis Ababa. According to Ethiopian Review sources, the the Federal police opened fire when the worshipers tried to reach the Awolia Mosque in Merkato that was blocked off this morning. First, the police used teargas to disperse the crowed. They also savagely beat up the peacefully worshipers with sticks and buttons. The security forces resorted to shooting live bullets when the worshipers broke through the police blockade.

ADDIS ABABA (July 14) – At least four Ethiopian Muslims were shot to death and scores of others arrested Friday night when police and security forces broke into a mosque where the faithful were preparing food and drinks for a city-wide Sunday program called Sedeqa.

Addis was partially thrown into chaos and darkness when power blackout hit the capital and a burst of gunfire at mosques broke the silence of the night. Police have used teargas and many people have been admitted to hospitals.

Millions of Ethiopian Muslims have been peacefully demanding for nearly one year that the government remove the un-elected Majlis (governing council) as well as stop the state-sponsored imposition of a new Lebanon-imported religion called Ahbash.

The government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has been labeling the demands of the Ethiopian Muslims as the demands of religious extremists. So far, the Muslims have remained law-abiding, informing the public to respect the constitution and avoid any violence.

Ealier Saturday morning, thousands of Ethiopian Muslims have streamed toward Anwar Mosque in repsonse to unusual distress calls that were heard from minarets throughout Friday night. Observers say tension is very likely to deepen unless the Meles Zenawi regime desists from falsifying the nature of the Muslim demands.

Christian solidarity with the Muslims was witnessed when Christians sheltered their Muslim brethren who were fleeing from police brutality. They were also handing them water to wash away the burning effects of teargas.


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