July 16, 2012

Newai Gebreab and Berhane Gebrekristos are running Ethiopia since Meles Zenawi’s absence

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Newai and Berhane

Source: Ethiomedia

Newai Gebreab (left), long time economic advisor to Meles, and Foreign Ministry chief Berhane Gebrekristos are running the country since Meles Zenawi’s absence from the state of affairs due to illness. The two individuals of Eritrean heritage assuming key leadership positions, closely supported by Gen. Samora Yonus and Communications Chief Bereket Simon (both of Eritrean heritage as well) together with Meles’ God-father and profoundly anti-Ethiopian Sebhat Nega signifies Meles Zenawi’s power oligarchy will remain intact long even after his death. It has been an old habit to call ultra-Eritrean nationalists like Meles Woyanes, a term which strictly implies the Tigrians, who have been politically dead since 2001, after Meles decimated them for haphazardly trying to remove him for sabotaging Ethiopia’s imminent military victory over the 1998-2000 War with Asmara


  1. I know it from the beginning that we are led by outsiders. These people wants weak and fragile Ethiopia, they are messenger of destruction . They are sucking the blood of Ethiopians for two decades. One them the dictator Meles is in the verge of being eliminated just b/cs God can’t bear his savageness and ruins of the country. Ethiopians had never raise their hand on the bloody leaders (the outsiders), they were crying in their homes for God’s help-that is all.

    The last three outsiders, the economic adviser, Bereket etc mentioned to replace the dictator (Meles), they look healthy today. But the tears of Ethiopians who look powerless in their face has already reached God face. These dictators should stop and think twice before going to that hot throne to suck Ethiopians blood. They will shrink in a matter of weeks. Believe me, God has turned his face to Ethiopia.

    You people/ the blood thirsty ones, think for your own life- you already had accumulated enough wealth out of the poor Ethiopians. Pls Pls Pls leave us alone. Pls Pls Pls let the poor Ethiopians, the elders, the youths, the Children live freely in their own land. Pls pls pls leave us alone.

    Comment by nnn — July 16, 2012 @ 7:24 pm | Reply

    • Agreed!
      To start with I never understood what the point of amassing all that wealth was, especially if it is stolen blood money. No good could EVER come out of that. But you know, once they kiss they devil’s lips they just can’t resist.
      Leave us alone is the right sentiment.

      Comment by Jambo — July 19, 2012 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

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