July 17, 2012

Ethiopia:ENTC still stands on it’s press release, Meles is dead

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Due to the pressure that the Ethiopian National Transitional Council exerted on the regime to come out with the truth, within 24 hours, the Deputy Prime Minster came out and admitted that Meles Zenawi has been sick. The regime has been blatantly denying this fact for several weeks and even now it is trying to play down the extent of his sickness.

Even though we are not surprised by these lies that they have so far fed the Ethiopian people for 21 years, we are telling them that era of hiding and lying has come to an end.

Unless the regime disproves this fact by verifiable facts of a third party, ENTC will stand by its reliable sources in its earlier statement that reported dictator Meles Zenawi has passed away. We will continue to demand the truth on behalf of the people. The message we would like to express to the Ethiopian people is that, we have to begin the dialogue on what we should do in preparation at this critical juncture.

ENTC has earlier released a 9 point action plan press release and call upon the Ethiopian people to pay the necessary sacrifice to claim their freedom.

Victory to the Ethiopian People.
God Bless Ethiopia.

Ethiopian National Transitional Council leadership


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