July 20, 2012

Ethiopian Muslim leaders arrested

Awramba Times (Washington DC) – The Ethiopian government have arrested Muslim committee leaders in the capital Addis Ababa today.

Muslim committee leaders
In its statement announced by the state run Ethiopian Television, Federal Police said their arrest is in connection with terrorism and conspiring with

Political analyst Jawar Mohamed says TPLF need to wake up and make a reality check. “This is legitimate popular movement supported by all segments of the Muslim society, from laymen to the clerics, from the peasant to those who seating at the top level of the ruling party ( although they might not say it to your face).”

Who could these foreign powers be? Asks Jawar. Could it be the Saudis? Oh no they can’t be because they are best friends of TPLF which gave them huge tract of land in Gambella. Could it be Sudan? No that cannot be either because Al Beshir have no reason to conspire against Meles, a man who stood up for him against ICC arrest warrant. May be Egypt? That one cannot be either because our regime has been claiming the bilateral relationship has been at its peak since the revolution. May be Yemeni? Oops they would not do it because their dictator lives in mansion in Addis. Now I know it, it is Somalia? Nop, I forgot that state doe not exist and what is left of it is run by our puppets warlords.

According to Jawar The reason is that the demands are very very basic but fundamentally important to the faithful. Stop forced imposition of an alien religion and let Muslims elect their religious leaders free of state


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