August 28, 2012

Dutch white Tarzan wants to Make Haile Gebreselassie president of Ethiopia

Jos Hermens the manager of Haile Gebreselassie disclosed his whishes on 10 August in the well respected opinion making Dutch news paper NRC Handelsblad.

Jos Hermens has been managing Ethiopian Athletes for more than twenty years. He earns up to 15% of the price money Ethiopian athletes win. Hail has broken world records and cashed more than a million Dollars at a time.

Through all these years there have been accusations of ignoring dutch althletes by going for the easy money earned by Ethiopian athletes. Ethiopian Athletes have accused him of ignoring their whish not to pay them out through corrupted Ethiopian federation officials but to give the money direct to them. Those chosen to run by the federation are forced to share price money with high rancking officials of the Ethiopian Athletic federation.

In 1990 we have witnessed as Hermens refused to help Ethiopian Athlete who was forced to share the price with corrupted Officails.

Hermens is loaded with all kind of presents from the federation officials. He gets diplomat level treatment at the airport. Ethiopians are forbidden to wait for the arrival of their family in the airport hall. all have to wait far outside in the burning sun. Hermens can drive through with out questions in high secured area.

Recently The NY Times have published a story saying Jos Hermens and Haile are picking only the easy games to run. The ethnic dictatorial regime of  Ethiopia forced them to appear on Ethiopian TV and deny all what NY Times had published. Kenenisa Bekele, also managed by Hermens,  was thrown out of the Olympic selection till just days before the games started because he only wanted to be trained by Hermens not by the federation.This had a big impact
on Kenenisa’s achievement. The world champion won no medals, looked very depressed.

Jos Hermens, the white Dutch Tarzan, who thinks he knows who the black Ethiopians want as president is putting him self in one of the most dangerous political Den of Africa.
He has created a gap between Ethiopians and their hero Haile. Since Ethiopians saw Haile crying for the dead Ethiopian Dictator, the gap has widened.
Since the days Hermens put foot, there is oppression in Ethiopia. Killings of students in 1990 when Meles the dictator took  power, massacre of more than 200 Ethiopian children in the streets of addis in 2001, massacre of demonstrators against the rigged ellection in 2005. The eviction of Ethiopians from their ansestor land for the benefit of Chinese, Arab and Indian companies,to grow food and export, while Ethiopian children servive by food aid. The genocide of the anuak tribe of ethiopia.
The white Tarzan who want to make Haile president of Ethiopia kissed the ethnical dictator Meles Zenwi’s feet to earn money in Ethiopia.

He never mentioned human right abuses in Ethiopia.


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