December 25, 2012

Ethiopia: Onlf Faction Arrives in Addis Ababa to Hold Talks

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A faction of Ogaden Liberation Front (ONLF) arrives in Addis Ababa over the weekend to hold peace talks with the federal government.

Abdinur Abdulahi the leader of the faction told reporters that the faction arrived Addis to hold a dialogue with the government and to seek ways on how the faction can collaborate on national and regional development., Abdinur Abdulahi Farah said the faction has opted for peace as it has become aware that people of the Somali region have benefited a lot out of the federal system like other nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. According to him the faction came out of bitter internal struggle within the group after the stalled dialogue with the ONLF in Nairobi in last October .

According to Abdinur, the question of accepting the Constitution or rejecting it caused disintegration within the front and currently only few members continue to be on the wrong side. He said “Those members of the front who rejected the National Constitution have no popular support and they are only few led by Admiral Mohammed Ousman who is now hiding in Asmara”.

He said his faction’s decision to accept the Constitution came out of their understanding that the people of the Somali region have benefitted a lot from the constitutional system and are enjoying their right to self administration over the past two decades Abdinur also admitted that the smooth power transition following the passing of the late Prime Minister Meles came to pass peacefully contrary to the scenario formulated by the ONLF group. This, he says, has helped the faction to gravitate towards peaceful struggle. “We thought there would be power vacuum and chaos following the passing of the late PM Meles. However, things unfolded the other way. After witnessing the way the transition was handled, we, along with our supporters, realized that we had no better option than accept the Constitution and resort to peaceful means. “he said . Abdinur Abdulahi Farah is the Eastern Africa representative of the ONLF, executive member of its central committee and a spokesperson.

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