October 27, 2013

Request:”Remove the Red Sea Port Slogan”

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Dear Editor,

Ethiomedia is a reliable source of information for us Ethiopians as it protects Ethiopian interests and fights the good fight against those who are anti-Ethiopian, the likes of the serpent Tesfaye Gebreab (as some call him Gebre-ebab) and that of Jawar, by unmasking them and showing their true colors to the true children of Ethiopia!

While appreciating such, I saw a motto atop the front page that goes, as copied, which I think discounts the value of the rest of the information we get from the website.

Yes! we are made landlocked by the seating government, which came to rule Tigray and sat on the throne of Ethiopia by accident, we lost Our Port – the way to the sea! As your caption tells, it is better to have a port than having 40 dams of the size of GERD, but we lost the port, should you think we should lose the 40 dams we are constructing as well?

The tenure of a government is limited, like the life of any creature is, and we know from history that empires come and go, both in global and national contexts. I believe that EPRDF’s end will come soon ( either it will mutate to good government or extinct like those of its predecessors). However, our beloved Ethiopia will go on! Whatever profit the country gets, it should get from whoever governs – we have to pick the positive.

Here I kindly request you to remove the caption from your page, it has a meaning, if we don’t have a port , we don’t need the dams either; actually we need them very badly! Even now we are scaring Egypt, who was home to the secessionists Shabia (EPLF), TPLF and the now EPRDF- time for repay – we are settling the debt, and will serve as our future national security tool.

Hoping that you will treat my concern favorably,

Gashaw Abate
Pretoria, South Africa

Editor’s Note – Dear Gashaw, you asked Ethiomedia to remove the motto: “40 dams are no match for one Red Sea port!” Why should you worry unless you are a disguised Eritrean agent like Tesfaye Gebreab? The motto is a reminder to readers, including yourself, that building a dam, no matter how giant, is no match for Ethiopia’s bid to restore part of the Afar Red Sea coastal area that has been annexed by Eritrea when two Eritrean groups moved to Asmara and Addis Ababa in 1991. True power of TPLF has never been in the hands of Tigrians but ultra Eritrean mercenaries like Meles Zenawi, Sebhat Nega etc. TPLF officials who had no Eritrean heritage were simply the slaves of Meles Zenawi, whether it was Seye Abraha or Gebru Asrat, two notables Meles purged in 2001 [Today, Gebru is genuinely deep in the opposition struggle while Seye Abraha is incurably crippled by his dead boss, Meles Zenawi, to be no good for an Ethiopian opposition].

To come back to the point, our Afar patriots, specially the original ARDUF fighters, fought a heroic fight for the first 10 years [1991-2001]. ARDUF was fighting against Shabia [Eritrean regime], but Meles fought on behalf of Shabia and was busy wiping out Afar settlements to crush ARDUF. During this 10-year-old war, the entire Ethiopia was in deep sleep! Very few Ethiopians know how Afars were the first Ethiopian patriots who fought against the Eritrean-led TPLF mercenaries that came to power in Ethiopia in 1991.

For instance, when former US President Jimmy Carter advised Meles in 1989 that he shouldn’t punish future generations of Ethiopia by turning ‘his country’ into a landlocked nation, Meles posed as an Ethiopian and told Carter, “Ethiopia had never had her own port. The Eritreans fought against us for 30 years because we had annexed their territory.”

Meles had no problem from the rest of TPLF leadership because he and his accomplices had murdered the politically conscious TPLF commanders like Suhul [first TPLF chairman] or Dr Atakilt Ketsela [who used to wrap the Ethiopian flag around his head and was firmly opposed to the notion that Eritrea was an Ethiopian colony]. Meles had the comfort of two groups: mercenaries like Sebhat Nega, Abay Tsehaye etc who will die for whatever Meles tells them to do, and the other group consisting of very obedient slaves who would never have the courage to look the mercenary straight in the eye, let alone to remove him as enemy of Ethiopia. That is why Meles never faced treason, and hence an outright arrest in 1998 when Shabia invaded Ethiopia and the entire country was blaming the mercenary prime minister.

The bottomline is the Ethiomedia motto in no way indicates that building dams is not good for our country. It rather underscores that the fight for the restoration of the Red Sea Afar territory to Ethiopia should remain fresh in the memory of the young generation of Ethiopia as opposed to the campaign of TPLF mercenaries like Bereket Simon who says we have raised a generation of Ethiopia that only knows Ethiopia as a landlocked country.

Unless you are an Eritrean disguised as an Ethiopian and spreads the deceptive remark,’we don’t need Assab because we can prosper without Assab,” I urge you to read, for the start, Dr Yacob Hailemariam’s book: “Asseb Yemanat?” When Ethiopia falls into the hand of a popularly-elected Ethiopian government, the legal campaign for the restoration of the Red Sea to its natural owner, Ethiopia, will begin with earnest. And Ethiomedia firmly believes Eritrea will be content with its own Massawa, while readily handing over the southern stretch of the Red Sea to its owner – ETHIOPIA. Anything out of this would be playing with fire.


More motto? Help home-based Andenet Party! Help home-based Semayawi Party! Help Home-based 33-parties united!



“Joint Dam Ownership” – What does it mean???

Dear Editor,

It is about the Dam.

Joint ownership??? What does it mean? Are we going to be fool and share our right on our natural resources with Egypt and the Sudan for centuries to come? I am not clear with this idea. This matter is not as simple as allowing leasing a land for foreigners for a certain period. In other words, it is like allowing Egypt and the Sudan to decide on our sovereignty issue regarding the Dam.

Please, this question should not be decided by the good will of one single Government official or anybody else. Look, how the Egyptians are smart enough and fast to accept this kind of ideas, which gives them to control the Dam indirectly. Let the people discuss this matter and have their say. Please open a discussion forum on this matter.

Buzu Mengistu

Editor’s Note – We invite scholars on the subject to probe the issue, and inform the public on what does “joint ownership” of ones own river/dam mean?


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