November 18, 2013

The continuously killings of Ethiopians: two Ethiopians killed and Five wounded by Mujahideen today in Saudi Arabia

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“Image” the killing of two Ethiopian violators of residence and wounding five others, “in a clash with the task of Mujahideen escape

One of the men wounded fighters and stable condition

Faisal Herobe – Ali Herobe – escape:

A squad of Mujahideen clashed today in the “escape province” with a group of violators of residence “Ethiopian” The clash resulted in the death of two of them and wounding five others, one of them seriously. In an exclusive statement, ” the newspaper Mountains upholstered electronic “said spokesman management Mujahideen Jazan” Khaled Alkeziz “that the band clashed with seven of the violators of residence of nationality Ethiopian” province of escape “During the engagement they resist using bladed weapons resulting in the injury of a member of the band injury Medium and killed two Ethiopians and wounding five others, one seriously, after they refused to surrender and showed stiff resistance and use of white weapons that were in their possession. And about the state of health Mujahideen Man confirmed “Khaled Alkeziz” it is currently receiving treatment at Sbia General Hospital and his condition is stable
Click on the image to view full size 
Click on the image to view full size 


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