November 26, 2013

Students clashed with the police at Gondar University

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Students clashed with the police at the Gondar University

Following the death of a student at Gondar University, students who have got angered by the situation tried to demonstrate and in the ensuing conflict students have clashed with the police. In the clash, a certain number of students have injured and the glass windows of the university’s library and café are destroyed.

It was after a notice is posted inside the university notifying the death of a student of the Marketing department of the Business and Economics Faculty and his body’s being found at the river which is located at the back of the Dashen brewery that the students began to gather for demonstration on November 24, 2006 midday.

Then, as sources indicate, the students began to demonstrate inside the campus and at the gate of the university where they clashed with the police force. The sources have also said that the students have been airing slogans that goes like ‘The cause of the student’s death must be known’ and ‘An autopsy must be conducted on his body’.

It is also indicated that the conflict was on both the Tewodros and Maraki campuses of the Gondar University.

Girum Tebeje
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