April 25, 2014

Ethiopia: Six members of Zone Nine, group of bloggers are arrested

Zone 9 Facebook Post

Six members of Zone Nine, group of bloggers are arrested

Six members of Zone Nine, group of bloggers and activists are arrested today late in the afternoon at 5:20 pm by security. Team members , Atnaf BeBefeqadu Hailurahane, Mahlet Fantahun, Zelalem Kiberet, Natnael Feleke and Abel Wabela are all under custody on arrest warrant.

The arrest comes immediately after the bloggers and activists notified their return to their usual activism on April 23, 2014 after their inactivity for the past seven months. On their return note the group has indicated that they have sustained a considerable amount of surveillance and harassment.

They have indicated that one of their reasons for their disappearance from activism is the harassment they have been receiving from government security agents.

We believe members and friends of Zone Nine have nothing to do with illegal activities and we request the government to release them immediately.

Another Post on this Situation

Tsion Girma

Late this evening I got a massive knock at my door. I opened and the guy by the door screamed at me “Tesfalem is calling for you outside”. I thought maybe he got into accident and run out to his place. He was surrounded by about seven people dressed civil and two policemen. They are carrying some clothes in a plastic bag and papers in another. “You have a spare key to his house. If anything is taken from his place you will be accountable,” one of them screamed at me.

“I was screaming who are you people? Where are you taking him?” but none of them gave me an answer. They put him in a car and drove away. Tesfalem is my best friend. But on top of that he is a genuine, neutral and very hard working journalist. They took my brother, my best friend right on my face. I don’t know what to do. Let Tesfalem go. He is only a passionate journalist who would scarifies for his profession.



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