June 4, 2014

Coca-Cola under fire for dropping Teddy Afro’s World Cup Anthem

  •  A large number of Diaspora community is urging East African nations to stop drinking Coca-Cola, in protest for Coca-Cola’s outrageous action to drop Teddy Afro’s World Cup Anthem.

TeddyAfro_NYC-12Negative campaigning is on the rise as social media pages are flooded with a highly negative campaigns against Coca cola products following the leaked information by Mr. Misikir Mulugeta, Coca-Cola Brand Manager for Ethiopia, who downplayed the pop star Tewodros Kassahun.

The pop star has over 6 Facebook pages, with nearly a million fans and over 3000 Twitter followers.
Social media comments are generally supportive to the boycott campaign. One picture comment on Facebook read, “Zero Ethics!, Zero Justice!, Zero Health! … Don’t Drink Coca-Cola.”

The image is being shared by tens of thousands of fans.

A significant number of Teddy Afro’s fans on twitter are also raising ethical and health issues related to Coca-Cola, arguing that the products are causing health and environmental damages.
“These campaigns and allegations would certainly affect Coca-Cola largely with its sales in the Horn of Africa, unless Coca-Cola reconsiders the decision”, says one of the fans who is moderating a Facebook page.

According to the information posted on Teddy Afro’s website, Mr. Misikir Mulugeta, Coca Cola Regional Manager made a dramatic twist and dared to question Teddy Afro’s reputations. Many are considering it as a politically motivated action. Mr. Misikir Mulugeta assumes the ‘Coca-Cola Brand Manager’ position by a recommendation from the ruling party.

Ethiopians had the privilege of supporting Coca-Cola’s decision for selecting Teddy Afro for the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil.

Teddy Afro is not only one of the best vocalist in Ethiopia, he is also becoming an emerging global star in the Horn of Africa. He sings for love and inspirations.

Teddy’s fans believe that Coca-Cola has made a big mistake by making a very wrong decision, which may result in severe consequences on its sales in potentially big market.



  1. It is non sense, and a waste of time to make TEDDY AFRO a political issue at every turn. It doesnt serve any purpose, TEDDY AFRO MUSIC SONGS will remain to have the same fan base, if not more

    Comment by Teddy Afro — August 7, 2014 @ 10:43 pm | Reply

  2. I THINK LOTS OF POLITICS…teddy afro

    Comment by Teddy Afro New — September 14, 2014 @ 1:42 pm | Reply

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