August 5, 2014

Ethiopia charges five more magazines and 1 newspaper

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Ethiopia charges five more magazines and 1 newspaper

The Ethiopian government has today charged the publishers and media outlets of five magazines (Ethiopia charges five more magazines and 1 newspaper
Lomi, Fact, Addis Gudaye, Jano, Enku) and one newspaper (Afro Times), local state media reported citing the Ministry of Justice. All the print outlets were published in Amharic language.

According to local state media outlets, the prosecutor charged the publishers on suspicion of “calling for violence, disseminating false information,  calling for the violent removal of the constitutional system and making people not to trust the government”.

The Ministry also warned that it will continue to charge publishers and media outlets that “trespassed and continue to trespass the law”.

The Ethiopian government had detained dozens of bloggers and journalists in the past three months alone for having a role in “terrorism”.


July 26, 2014

Freedom of the press’ in Ethiopia

Nine Ethiopian journalists and bloggers, who had been arrested in April, have been charged with terrorism for having links with the US-based Ginbot 7 opposition movement, and for planning attacks. Ginbot 7 is considered a terrorist organisation in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn denies he is undermining the freedom of the press. “Anyone who is seen and acting within this terrorist network will be eligible for the course of law,” he told reporters. “When you put yourself into this network and you try to become a blogger, don’t think that you are going to escape from the Ethiopian government.”

Gado by Gado

Gado by Gado

Who is Gado?

Gado, full name Godfrey Mwampembwa, is one of Africa’s most influential cartoonists. He draws a daily cartoon for Kenyan newspaper The Nation, and his work has appeared in various other publications, such as Le Monde, the Washington Times and the Japan Times.

Gado is also the man behind XYZ, a Kenyan satirical TV show commenting on current affairs and politics in the form of puppets. He was named Kenyan cartoonist of the year in 1999, and received the Dutch Prins Claus Award in 2007.

“I draw because I want to say something. My drawings are my tools,” says the Tanzanian-born cartoonist.

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April 10, 2011

Ethiopia govt denies jamming German radio service

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By Barry Malone

ADDIS ABABA, April 10 (Reuters) – Ethiopia denied on Sunday it was jamming Deutsche Welle’s (DW) local Amharic language radio shows, after the state-funded German broadcaster appealed for its signal to be restored.

Deutsche Welle issued a statement at the weekend saying its broadcasts in Amharic, the predominant language in Ethiopia, had been blocked since April 6.

“This has lead DW officials to believe that it is a concentrated effort to block critical international media,” the statement said.

“The Ethiopian administration is apparently concerned that the so-called Jasmine Revolution in North Africa will spread into their country.”

Government spokesman Bereket Simon to “Deutsche Welle is heard by only 1 percent of Ethiopians. An independent study (by Electoral Reform International Services) confirmed it,” Bereket told Reuters.

“We know Deutsche Welle is not ethical but I can assure you, with only 1 to 1.5 percent listenership, why should the Ethiopian government care to jam it?”

In March last year, two months before a disputed election result returned him to power, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi ordered the jamming of U.S.-funded broadcaster Voice of America (VOA) and sparked a diplomatic row.

Ethiopia has frequently clashed with DW and VOA and regularly accuses both of broadcasting propaganda that could destabilise the country.

DW said its reports on the recent arrests of more than 100 ethnic Oromos could have motivated the jamming. Ethiopia’s government on Thursday said it was preparing to charge more than 100 people it says are members of the outlawed rebel group the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). [ID:nLDE7361B1]

International press freedom advocacy groups say the Ethiopian government intimidates and harasses critical journalists, a charge the government denies.

Ethiopia is one of the world’s poorest countries and most of its population has no access to satellite dishes or the Internet. VOA and Germany’s Deutsche Welle are the only foreign broadcasters producing Amharic radio programmes. (Editing by Jon Boyle)

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